Product Introduction---APD Photoreceiver For Optical Fiber Sensing

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Time: 2019-01-16

Our company newly launched KY-APRM-BW-I-XXX series APD photoreceiver for optical fiber sensing system. It adopts APD avalanche photodiode with high gain, fast response and low dark current. And it integrates low noise wideband transimpedance amplifier, boost and temperature compensation circuit, featuring high gain and high sensitivity. The module is powered by positive 12V, the input fiber is single mode or multimode fiber, the electrical signal is output by SMA port, single and dual-channel are optional, the gain can be selected remotely, which is very suitable for the detection of weak light signals and the measurement of short pulse signals. This product is mainly used in the fields of Raman fiber optic temperature measurement system, fiber vibration and sound monitoring system.


Product features:

1. Single power supply, internal integrated boost circuit and temperature compensation circuit, stable and reliable.

2. Response wavelength 800-1700nm.

3. Varieties of bandwidth 10M, 100M, 200M, 1GHz.

4.Low noise, high gain

5.Optional gain software adjustable

6.Single and dual channel optional

7.Compact structure 47x42x26mm

8.Off the shelf

9.Can be customized

Typical application:


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